Spot Cleaning Chepstow: It’s All Very Simple If You Know How.

Spot cleaning Chepstow: Sticky spots don’t usually look too bad when they’ve just happened. But after a while they get worse as dust and dirt gets trodden in. There is no point spending a lot of money on nice carpets and upholstered furniture if they are ruined by unsightly marks.

Spots fall into 2 categories and need different techniques and/or products to remove them. It can get complicated so for the sake of this article we’ll keep it simple. first type of stain is water soluable. Stains like: Coffee, tea, wine, sauces and play paints etc. The best way for you to handle these stains is to keep them wet AND CALL IN SUNSHINE!  More often than not they do not work. Initially the stain looks to have gone, only to return at a later date. There are very specific ways to remove any given stain and should be employed as soon as possible. This why you need to just blot as much as you can with kitchen paper and keep the area wet for us.

Remember that all emulsion paint is water based and should be kept we until we arrive. Scrape up what you can and keep it wet and we will come along and finish the job.

We’ve been spot cleaning in Chepstow and the surroundg areas and nave not failed yet.

spot-cleaning-chepstowThe second type of stain is NOT soluable in water. Paint, oil, makeup, cooking oils and fat, grease and all manner of other substances. The defining issue is that it will not desolve in water. Again there are very specific ways to treat these stains. All you should do is physically remove what you can but NO NOT apply any chemicals.

All spots and stains can be made permanent by using the wrong thing. whether they are water or oil based. The method your Granny used is probably so far out of date it could now be damaging.

Times have changed. Also damaging are modern DIY cleaners if they are used wrongly. Even when instructions are followed they can damage carpet and upholstery fibres.

Don’t risk it, Call Sunshine on 01291 625156. We’ll get it sorted for you.

Expert Spot cleaning Chepstow.
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