Upholstery Cleaning Method

Note that the cleaning of both Commercial and Domestic Upholstery attracts the same attention to detail.

  • Assess the room environment to ascertain the best area to spread our waterproof sheet which protects flooring from water and cleaning fluid. (This is required when cushions are to be cleaned).
  • Identify the the fabric and fibre type to select the correct solution and cleaning method.
  • Carry out a shrinkage test if required.
  • Carry out a colourfast test for loose or desolving dyes. (Helps determine cleaning solution and temperature).
  • If the fabric requires it; hand clean with Tampico brushes the whole areas including cushions.
  • Set up extraction equipment and with a fabric conditioner remove all cleaning solution and soiling.
  • If required remove all extraction blade marks and reset the pile.
  • Replace the cushions in a position for drying and explain the drying process including the benefit of moving air. (A fan for example).
  • Tidy up and remove equipment.

The table above is written in simple form. Frankly, to explain the detail of all fabrics and circumstance would fill a book.




Upholstery Cleaning Method
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