Carpet Cleaning Method:

Note that the carpet cleaning method for both Commercial and Domestic Carpets are similar and attract the same attention to detail.

  • Inspection of carpet type and give you realistic outcomes of the cleaning process
  • Thoroughly vacuum using specific Vacuums to lift as much dry soil as possible including under and around furniture.
  • Pre-treat all areas with appropriate solutions.
  • Agitate these to ensure even coverage and to work the Alkaline chemicals into the pile
  • Leave this treatment for appropriate ‘dwell time’
  • Using the Hot water extraction method remove the pre-treatment with an Acidic rinse to balance the PH of the carpet and revive condition
  • Finally groom the carpet pile to ensure that it is all facing in the correct direction.
  • Discuss drying time with the customer and how airflow assists.

Please be sure to speak to us with any queries about maintenance of your carpets; we will be happy to assit.

Carpet Cleaning Method
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