Commercial Carpet Cleaning services by Sunshine of Chepstow can provide a touch of warmth and comfort for you and your staff in winter and a nice fresh feel in the summer. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning services by Sunshine will ensure these comforts live past the initial year so it is important that they are professionally maintained. A reputable cleaning business using established carpet cleaning techniques is right here awaiting your call. Read on and find out how we can help you maintain your carpets. Just as an aside your carpets should receive regular vacuuming to reduce the build-up of dirt, dust particles and allergens.

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The major carpet manufacturers recommend that you hire professional Carpet Cleaning services every 12 to 18 months depending on use.  Dirt and dust collects at the base of the pile and cannot always be seen. Without proper cleaning, this ‘detritus’ will eventually ruin a carpet, no matter how well is vacuumed.

carpet-cleaning-servicesCOMMERCIAL Carpet Cleaning services In Chepstow Monmouthshire The Forest Of Dean and  East Gwent.

Walking on clean carpets leaves your visiting clients with a feeling of working together with a bright company.  We know that having your office, meeting rooms or general carpets cleaned can be quite disruptive. So, we’ll work outside of your normal hours. Your staff will return to a nice clean working environment once again.

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Commercial carpeting is usually of high quality construction with a short/medium pile to cater for ‘heavy foot traffic’. This heavy duty carpeting requires a quite rigorous cleaning.  Good quality carpet, well maintained, will last at least twice that of poorly maintained carpeting.

Of all the commercial carpet cleaning companies in Monmouthshire and the surrounding areas, Sunshine stands out as giving the best service and competitive pricing. Our staff takes care to identify the carpet quickly and apply the most appropriate cleaning procedure.

Everyone at Sunshine is very positive and confident that when presented with an opportunity. Sunshine has the experience, skill, commitment and an open attitude.  We are providing our clients and customers with an industry-leading approach to all their cleaning requirements.

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