Chepstow Carpet Cleaners “Sunshine” Based In Chepstow, Very Successfully Cover Caldicot, And The Rest of Monmouthshire Too. Plus The Forest Of Dean.

Chepstow carpet cleaners “Sunshine” has always been committed to the Hot Water Extraction method for cleaning. The method and equipment has proven time and again to be extremely effective.. We do not use vehicle mounted equipment for various reasons. Instead we use the more versatile and arguably more effective portable systems.

Currently under test is a new machine to the market and when available commercially, we shall be investing all being well. At the moment though we use market leading equipment. The same equipment is utilised for both domestic and commercial carpets. Of course, the solutions used will vary according to the fibre type and  level of soiling.

As the top Chepstow Carpet Cleaners we have a duty to perform well.

Chepstow carpet cleanersWe know that your investment in carpeting is in our hands so we take great care in deciding the three main issues. Firstly, type of fibres used in manufacture. Secondly the best solution to utilise and thirdly the temperature required for the best result. There is more detail and we ascertain those as appropriate. Details like grippers, how the carpet is woven and the shrinkage potential are also accounted for.

Your investment in carpets is substantial and  protecting them from serious wear is essential. There are many way that you can help yourself but the most effective way is to vacuum at least every week. We recommend using a vacuum with a beater bar and if yours is suction only; use it vigosouly. Go HERE to see our cleaning method where you will find Domestic Cleaning is exactly the same as with Commercilal carpet cleaning.

You can be absolutely sure that our experience, timekeeping and most of all quality of work will meet your expectations and probably exceed them.

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