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Carpet cleaners that are diligent are hard to find anywhere. Sunshine specialist Cleaning, (Sunshine) are very much the best you will find. We have an exemplary record of success with all carpet types and we take our time to ensure a top quality result for you.  For more information Tel:  01291625156 Take a look at the method we use HERE.

Carpet cleanersIt is vital that your carpet is properly identified for type and yarn construction. We need to identify how the carpet was made because the treatment of the pile always affects the behaviour of the backing. You may have heard of a carpet shrinking!? This is almost certainly the backing shrinking because of over wetting. The carpet cleaners have either wrongly identified the carpet type or not even checked. Tel: 01291625156 for more information.

As the Best Carpet Cleaners around we shhall be delighted to call round and give you a quote.

Tufted carpet will generally hold up no matter what the cleaning methods. HOWEVER, Two circumstances will destroy the pile. The first is with careless use of solvented stain removal solutions. These solutions are meant to be used carefully because if too much is in contact with the backing glue, the bonding of the tufts will fail. Then at a later stage it will delaminate. Delamination is when the tufts (and primary backing) are no longer bonded to the main backing. The second way these tufted carpets are destroyed is by prolonged over-wetting. This again breaks down the glue causing delamination. Tufted carpets are ideal for the home because they are eminently versatile and generally hard wearing. If you can, try to aim for at least a 40 ounce weight.

It may seem strange that the most expensive carpets are the easiest to destroy. As the top quality carpet cleaners in Chepstow have never had a problem. Our knowledge of carpets, their manufacture, strengths and weaknesses is such to put your mind at rest. Your carpets are safe in our hands.

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See what Wikipedia has to say about Axminster Carpets  it is interesting that there is very little reference to Wilton carpets when searched on Wikipedia. But if you go the Wilton Carpets Website you will see some beautiful images.



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